We know this is a big undertaking.. Imagine planning the thing! 

We’re here to make sure you enjoy every minute of Italy, Celsa & the day. 

Knowing this, we’ve tried to gather up every question that’s been asked of us so far into a single, neat summary for everyone to access. 

If there’s something we’ve not covered, drop us a line. There’s no question too daft, no request too silly.






The closest airports are Pisa (PSA) and Florence (FLR). Both are served by budget airlines from the UK. See the above table for flight patterns and travel times to Celsa.

We recommend car hire as the easiest and most flexible option. All airports have in-terminal car hire. Alternatively, you could get a train to Siena which is where most of our guests will be staying.

BA and Jet2 flights from London airports are available to book now. Other airlines e.g. Ryanair and Easyjet from both London and other locations don't release their flights for next May until towards the end of November. So don't panic!

From our experience, flights usually hover around the same price until 3-4 weeks before departure date. 

Don't worry! You can use public transport to get from any airport to Siena where most of our guests will be staying. On the day, we are providing buses to and from Castello di Celsa for your convenience.

Siena is the nearest city to the venue and therefore is where the most hotels are located. We will also be providing buses to and from the venue from Siena on the day of the wedding.

However, there are plenty of other more rural options near the venue. Think more B&B/ Agriturismo/Villa style. If you prefer to stay in one of these, you could drive to the venue- there's parking on-site. Alternatively, you could arrange for a local taxi.

We've summarised some of the best options in our Accommodation page.

We've even gotten discount codes!

Siena is served by a small regional bus network ('Siena Mobilita') that covers most of Tuscany.

There's a good summary and map in English, here.

We can help put you in touch with other guests who may have space in local cars or hire vehicles.

Unfortunately, we'll both find it difficult to accommodate lifts in the days running up to the wedding. We'll do everything we can to support you!


As soon as possible! Siena is one of Italy's most beautiful cities. It's a tourist must-stop.

Siena attracts significant numbers of sightseers and pilgrims - so there's plenty of demand for Hotels.

We would recommend staying in or near Siena on the Saturday night, as a minumum.

The wedding starts late enough for you to check-in to your accomodation before the bus collections.

Excellent googling, hope it's a nice spot! We're happy if you're happy.

We'll see you at Celsa for the big day!

Of course, there's public parking at NH Hotel and a local car park adjacent to the Hotel. You can walk to either of the bus collections points, also.


This will be purely down to the driver's discretion on both Bus runs. 

We've only been able to secure NH Hotel and Santa Caterina as drop-offs because they have approved bus access.


We've got a full-day planned from 1500CEST.

The day plan is available on the Event page, alongside a dress code and details for getting to-and-from the venue.

You'll be fed.. A lot. There'll be food and drink served to you throughout the day from 1500CEST.


Expect Dinner at 1800CEST(ish) and more later on.


If you have dietary requirements, please supply them with you RSVP.

We have planned a 'child-free' wedding.

That said, we know many of you are planning family breaks to coincide with the Wedding.

  • With that in mind, children are welcome at the Venue
  • In the adjacent Country House (less than 40ft away), we are putting on a Creche and Nursery run by professional Nannies & Babysitters.
  • We'll feed your children, run a party, and ensure they have the best time while you do too.
  • You're welcome to visit your children at any time but we request you don't bring them into the adult spaces.
  • For 'babes in arms', we know you've got a lot to think about. Your baby is welcome but we please ask for courtesy when things get noisy.
  • Please let us know if you want to use this facility in advance.

We really encourage you to pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions or requests. 

We have arranged two large buses to travel back to Siena from the venue across split times:

  • Bus 1: 2230 CEST
  • Bus 2: 0130 CEST

We really do recommend you take one of these buses, as private taxis & Uber aren't really a thing in rural Tuscany.

For the brave and the sober, you can always drive or hire a scooter!

We really appreciate your thought and kindness. However, your attendance at the Big Day is more than gift enough!


For those who insist, we do have a small Registry. We are really, really thankful.


Please just bring yourselves and your best garms on the day!





Ladies, we’re giving you the full range of flexibility to express yourself; full-length gown or knee-length cocktail dress. Even a glamorous jumpsuit.

Think Ascot. Think Finals day at Wimbledon. Think cocktails on the lawn of the British Embassy in Rome. 

We want this to be the opportunity for you to wear the thing you’ve wanted for months. Justify it to yourself. You cannot overdress, you cannot overdo it. More is more. We want baroque levels of extravagance.


  • Floor Length Gowns
  • Formal Cocktail Dress
  • Elegant Suits
  • Formal Shoes
  • Elegant Jewellery
  • Fascinators encouraged