We’re gathering the great and the good from all over the UK (and the world) to join us on our big day. We want to make the planning of that journey as easy as possible for you.



Flights to-and-from Italy are as easy, abundant and as cheap as you want them to be. We’ve summarised each of the UK airports and their routes. There’s even an FAQ. 

N.B. Airlines will not release their Summer 2024 flight timetable until 23rd November 2023.

Airport Airport Code Direct Flights To (IT) Travel time to Celsa
East Midlands PSA Pisa 1h 50m
East Midlands CIA Rome Ciampino 3h 20m
Leeds PSA Pisa 1h 50m
Leeds FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
Manchester PSA Pisa 1h 50m
Manchester BLQ Bologna 2h 00m
Manchester FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
Manchester CIA Rome Ciampino 3h 20m
Birmingham PSA Pisa 1h 50m
Birmingham FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
Bristol PSA Pisa 1h 50m
Bristol FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
Newcastle FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
London Gatwick PSA Pisa 1h 50m
London Gatwick FLR Florence 1h 05m
London Gatwick BLQ Bologna 2h 00m
London Gatwick FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
London Stansted PSA Pisa 1h 50m
London Stansted PEG Perugia 2h 00m
London Stansted BLQ Bologna 2h 00m
London Stansted AOI Ancona 3h 05m
London Heathrow PSA Pisa 1h 50m
London Heathrow FLR Florence 1h 05m
London Heathrow BLQ Bologna 2h 00m
London Heathrow FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m
London City FLR Florence 1h 05m
London City FCO Rome Fiumicino 3h 10m

The closest airports are Pisa (PSA) and Florence (FLR). Both are served by budget airlines from the UK. See the above table for flight patterns and travel times to Celsa.

We recommend car hire as the easiest and most flexible option. All airports have in-terminal car hire. Alternatively, you could get a train to Siena which is where most of our guests will be staying.

BA and Jet2 flights from London airports are available to book now. Other airlines e.g. Ryanair and Easyjet from both London and other locations don't release their flights for next May until towards the end of November. So don't panic!

From our experience, flights usually hover around the same price until 3-4 weeks before departure date. 

Don't worry! You can use public transport to get from any airport to Siena where most of our guests will be staying. On the day, we are providing buses to and from Castello di Celsa for your convenience.



Once in Italy, there are plenty of options to get to and from Siena. Siena is the nearest City to Castello di Celsa and where we recommend you stay your night(s) before and after.

Siena is on the A1, E80 and SS68 motorways. Really accessible by car.

There are large public car parking spots just outside the City walls (our recommendation is Santa Caterina). Many hotels will also have dedicated accomodation.

Siena has a Train Station located (Siena FS) located to the north-west of the City, outside the walls. It's a 10-15 minute walk to Piazza del Campo.

The Station serves on a main trainline from Florence. Other stations with one change are; Rome, Bologna, Pisa, Milan & Perugia.

The Siena bus stop is in the heart of the City, inside the City walls.

An express bus service exists between Siena & Florence. Other regional bus services serve Perugia, Pisa, Bologna & Rome.

Siena is the nearest city to the venue and therefore is where the most hotels are located. We will also be providing buses to and from the venue from Siena on the day of the wedding.

However, there are plenty of other more rural options near the venue. Think more B&B/ Agriturismo/Villa style. If you prefer to stay in one of these, you could drive to the venue- there's parking on-site. Alternatively, you could arrange for a local taxi.

We've summarised some of the best options in our Accommodation page.

We've even gotten discount codes!

Siena is served by a small regional bus network ('Siena Mobilita') that covers most of Tuscany.

There's a good summary and map in English, here.

We can help put you in touch with other guests who may have space in local cars or hire vehicles.

Unfortunately, we'll both find it difficult to accommodate lifts in the days running up to the wedding. We'll do everything we can to support you!



You don’t need to think about a thing. We’ve organised 2 buses across three bus stops in & around Siena. Use the Risalitas – public escalators – to get down from the City to the three pick-up points. 

We’re even sending you home on the buses with an end of the evening drop-off, and a ‘lights-on’  bus for the late-night stop outs.

We have arranged two large buses to travel back from the venue across split times:

Bus 1: 2230 CEST

Bus 2: 0130 CEST

We really do recommend you take one of these buses, as private taxis & Uber aren’t really a thing in rural Tuscany.

For the brave and the sober, you can always drive or hire a scooter!





Ladies, we’re giving you the full range of flexibility to express yourself; full-length gown or knee-length cocktail dress. Even a glamorous jumpsuit.

Think Ascot. Think Finals day at Wimbledon. Think cocktails on the lawn of the British Embassy in Rome. 

We want this to be the opportunity for you to wear the thing you’ve wanted for months. Justify it to yourself. You cannot overdress, you cannot overdo it. More is more. We want baroque levels of extravagance.


  • Floor Length Gowns
  • Formal Cocktail Dress
  • Elegant Suits
  • Formal Shoes
  • Elegant Jewellery
  • Fascinators encouraged